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Original Surfbar Built by DanaToon

It all started in my garage…

One afternoon while sitting in my garage I noticed my roomates old surfboard laying next to a pallet he was going to burn at a bonfire. As I stared at these 2 items I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool to lay the surfboard on top of the pallet like a bar?”

Fast forward a couple of years I moved into a new place. I showed my neighbor the original version. He, being a master builder, recognized instantly the faults in my build.

After combining our skills and a few weekends in the garage with some beers we perfected the model to bring you the official PBSURFBAR!

Dana S. Owens (DanaToon) is a commercial artist from Upstate NY. He and his girlfriend came to San Diego to paint a mural/vacation to escape the frigid winter and decided to stay. 4 years later Danatoon has carved out a little reputation for being a commercial artist and has accomplished a lot creatively here in San Diego.

Mika LeBlanc is a father, mountaineer, and rock climber from Southern Oregon. He grew up spending his summers building custom homes for his father’s company where he learned the tricks of the trade. After leaving the snowy mountains for the sunny beaches of San Diego he’s spent the last 20 years in the construction industry building hospitals, high rises, and pharmaceutical laboratories across Southern California.

The PBSurfbar Build
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